Sacred vs secular music

Reading a fellow blogger's post, I came across this interesting article conversation and wanted to join. Not only am I a pastor and an author, I'm also a musician and producer. Although I never pursued music into a career path, I have been blessed to play for and work with several grammy-award winning artists. I [...]

God is working

  On September 5, 1882, 10,000 industry workers marched together in a parade to protest against the working conditions in America. During the Industrial revolution of the 1800's, workers were required to work 7 days a week, 12 hours per day with none of the luxuries typical employees today now have a right to claim. [...]

Freedom At What Cost?

Society is adapting a belief system that in an ideal world, everyone must be programmed, tracked, controlled and remain under heavy surveillance to bring peace on Earth. I have concerns. As I stood on line in the airport from my beautiful trip to Miami to be full-body scanned, I was reminded of how a few [...]

Alone In A World

7 Billion people in the world, yet the world can feel like a lonely place. People today are growing lonelier and lonelier. A Gallup poll actually stated that, "Americans are among the loneliest people in the world."  In the midst of our crowded existence we are living lonely lives.  This is an unhealthy reality in [...]

Be Remarkable

The 21st century evangelist is one who can use technology and master the art of spreading ideas. One who learns how to share the good news through social media tools and entertainment. I advise every evangelist I know to study marketing trends among business and organizations outside of the Church. Here is one of my [...]