Is God really in control?

Many people are looking for meaning in tragedy. In a hope to comfort the broken-hearted, we've taught people to believe that God is in control. But is He? Was He in control of the drunk driver that ran the light, and took the lives of the family driving home from the movies? Was He in [...]

Realistic Faith

  You can't build a house in midair. You need a solid foundation to build on. Something real, that has weight and substance. The same goes with your faith. While you may dream about doing the unthinkable, achieving the unachievable, you must be realistic. Your dream of being a billionaire business owner will never become [...]

Fear Is Not Your Friend

Fear is not your friend. It plays the role of antagonist in the story of your life. Fear is a silent killer. It is a lethal injection that cripples and paralyzes you from making decisions. From taking advantage of life-changing opportunities. From living out your God-created identity. The peculiar thing about fear is that it [...]

Small is the New Big

  "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead So you're not the crowd favorite. You don't know a lot of people.  Your friend request box is not overcrowded on Facebook. No one really knows you. You're no where near [...]

Re-Invent Yourself

In order to possess the Jesus Mind, you have to re-define your take on what's "normal". The masses are normal. But the masses are also mediocre. The masses are sick. Greatness is not normal. Success is not normal. Excellence is not normal. You've been persuaded and brainwashed into believing something that isn't true...That you're average. [...]

The Big Idea

Only 1% of the world will read these blogs. You are one of them. I’m grateful. We all are on a search for success, meaning and significance in our lives. Some guru became famous in saying that the key to fulfillment is looking within yourself. But Jesus taught something else. Unlike some guru, Jesus was [...]