Fear is meant to be broken.

Jesus was in a house healing a bunch of people. The house was filled to capacity but a paralytic man was hungry for a miracle. His friends decided to do something very messy, unorthodox, unconventional and straight-up disrespectful...They tore the roof off the person's house  and lowered the man from above right in front of [...]


One of my favorite movies is "The Bourne Identity." A man named Derek Webb enrolled in a special ops program for the American government in order to help save American lives. However, in order to be an agent, he would have to lose his identity. They went through a series of brainwashing techniques and behavior [...]

The Power of One

"None of us is as smart as all of us."-Ken Blanchard Two is better than one, when two joins as one! Jesus didn't attempt his mission alone. He immediately sought after a few young men, shared his vision with them, got them to buy into his message and started his mission with their help. Jesus knew [...]

Stop Going To Church

Stop going to church. Start being the church. Jesus Mind Principle #7: Be The Church When most Christians hear reasons why people don't want to be bothered with Church, they act like it's a myth they are hearing. They pretend as if people have no good excuse for not being interested in boring Church services [...]