Developing a Kingdom Mindset

Salvation is not the goal of Christianity. If it was, all God would need is an assassin and an evangelist. One to bring us in and one to take us out! On the contrary, making a decision to serve Christ is the beginning of a brand new life. A life of supernatural power, passion and [...]

Is God really in control?

Many people are looking for meaning in tragedy. In a hope to comfort the broken-hearted, we've taught people to believe that God is in control. But is He? Was He in control of the drunk driver that ran the light, and took the lives of the family driving home from the movies? Was He in [...]

Question Popular Thinking

Who remembers William Hung? Probably no one reading this. And if you did, you forgot about him until I brought him up. He's the Asian guy who couldn't really sing but he was a fan favorite on American Idol. He was popular. For a year or so. And now he's gone into the abyss of [...]