The lost art of prayer

  <a href="" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!" target="_blank"><img src="" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" /></a> Too busy to pray? In a world filled with so many attractions, FB, TV, connected to family and friends on your hips and fingertips, it's very easy to become easily distracted or too busy to pray. But [...]

Fear is meant to be broken.

Jesus was in a house healing a bunch of people. The house was filled to capacity but a paralytic man was hungry for a miracle. His friends decided to do something very messy, unorthodox, unconventional and straight-up disrespectful...They tore the roof off the person's house  and lowered the man from above right in front of [...]

Give to Get

Jesus was ahead of His time. The early Church as an organizational structure has over the centuries defiantly triumphed against opposition because of the best practices God established. Its fluid-like system of accountability, generosity, volunteerism, equal empowerment and simplicity are just SOME of the key indispensable practices top Fortune 500 copies have attributed to their [...]