The lost art of prayer

  <a href="" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!" target="_blank"><img src="" width="125" height="16" border="0" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" /></a> Too busy to pray? In a world filled with so many attractions, FB, TV, connected to family and friends on your hips and fingertips, it's very easy to become easily distracted or too busy to pray. But [...]

Reshaping Logic

      Want to know why are kids are not creative anymore? Think about the fact that we took out the idea of a Creator in science curriculums. It's my belief that the Word of God holds fascinating keys to the future we are looking for. But we have to first be willing to [...]

The Reason Why We Sing

We sing. Men do it to women. Women do it to men. Children love to do it. Birds do it. Dogs do it in their own way. Singing is much apart of our communication as talking. At some moments where talking won't suffice, singing can say what our words alone can't. We sing for all [...]

When in doubt, don’t.

I became tired of talking about a gospel of power without any demonstrations of it around the time my younger brother passed away of cerebral palsy. My heart always hungered and yearned for the reality of God's power to invade his body. I mean if this book I'm holding in my hand (The Bible) was [...]