5 resolutions GUARANTEED to make your NEW year your BEST year!

Almost everyone kicks off the new year anticipating that the new year will be their greatest year ever. (Unless you’re a pessimist. I feel sorry for pessimists.) Newness brings refreshing energy and pulsating hope that the issues of last year will change. For me, every new year is a time to reset, reflect and resolve. I actually start the new year in September, according to the Jewish Calendar. Nonetheless any way you find a sense of momentum to make changes and bring new results into your life is a powerful moment. Don’t waste this NEW moment!

Here are 5 high-impact ways a person like you that wants to WIN can see BIG results and make 2018 their BEST year ever!

1.) Start with what and why

You need some clarity. What do you want out of 2018? What goals are the eyes of your heart set on having? Without a clear picture of a destination you want to go, you’ll arrive somewhere…but no where you want to be. Decide what you want. I want to raise my income by $20,000 this year. Or I want to spend more time with my family every month. I want to work out at home three times a week. Write out a financial goal. Then a family goal. Then a health goal. Then a recreation goal. And you should have a personal development goal. Personally, my goals include doubling my annual income, build my personal credit line, acquire my first real estate through the As One Advisory group as well as establish our church’s juice bar “The Sanctuary” opening February 2018! Can you say BIG YEAR.

2.) Speak Affirmations & Declarationsdaily

One thing successful people do is speak success to themselves. All the time! You have to tell yourself good things, positive things, beautiful things. It’s part of what loving yourself means. You can tell whether or not you love or hate yourself based on what you tell yourself everyday. Words are things. Say things like I am loved. I am enough. I am supernaturally empowered by God to win. I am favored. These are called affirmations. You should also turn your personal goals into declarations. For example, since I’m opening the juice bar for our church in February, my declaration is “The Sanctuary Juice Bar will launch big, make our church a lot of money and will be a tremendous blessing to our community!” Or for my real estate goal, every day I will declare “I am acquiring real estate and creating wealth for myself and my family.” Declare a thing and it will be established!

3.) Spend money on a financial planner

You may need help. Be honest with yourself. We all need outside help in various areas of life. I’m learning more and more each year that good planning is wildly important to successfulness! I was never really a big planner. I took pride in being able to be spontaneous. I thought it fueled creativity, but now i realize it also fuels mediocrity! To grow from good to great in my life, I needed to incorporate well thought out planning! Especially as a leader, father, business owner and pastor, exceptional planning determines how well I lead my people. Good planning is worth investing in. As the popular saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Most people fail at reaching their resolutions for this very reason! They don’t have a plan, they just have a dream or a goal. A goal without a good plan is just wishful thinking. If you have had a hard time in the past keeping a workout regimen, a diet plan or reaching a financial goal, invest in a planner who can help you. One of my favorite verses these days is “Good planning and hard work leads to prosperity.” Proverbs 21:5NLT It’s not just about working hard, but you need the framework of a good plan to work hard within. I’m tremendously confident in the success of our juice bar because we have a team we invested in to help us plan our success out into the next 3 years and we know it will lead to prosperity. Get yourself a good planner to help you turn your goals into a plan.

4.) Spend time planning your day the day before.

Some people spend their day planning. And never execute. But you should spend some time planning your day and the rest of the day executing it. Billionaires do this. Millionaire business woman Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics was asked what’s the one thing she did that helped her become as successful as she became and she said that she never ended the day without making a list of 5 things she needed to do the next day. I started doing this a few years ago and it propelled my life forward. I fell off a bit due to family changes but this year I’m getting back to it. Don’t start your day until you write your day on paper.

5.) Schedule time with the Father everyday.

Last but certainly not least. Your relationship with God is everything! You can do nothing apart from your connection to the source of all you do. As you schedule your day, be sure to pencil your divine appointment in! God wants you to make time for Him. As you spend time in prayer and devotion with the Lord, you will find yourself saying “I can do all things through Christ, that strengthens me.” The strengthening part comes in your private time with God. Prayer produces power!

Let me know which one of these resolutions you will apply and I will check in on you to see how it as impacted your 2018!

9 thoughts on “5 resolutions GUARANTEED to make your NEW year your BEST year!

  1. I am applying spending time with God and speaking positive things over my life. Awesome read, thank you for this.

    1. Awesome. I have in my phone calendar a daily reminder of a list affirmations I want to declare throughout the day. It pops up on my phone and I speak it to myself wherever I am.

    1. Awesome! What time do you want to set to meet with Him? And write out 3-5 things to do list the night before so that when you wake up you already know what you will accomplish.

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