Using the power of your “I AM”

At Hungry 4 God Church on Sunday, I slightly touched on the power of knowing your I Am. I shared with my congregation that your identity and self image determines everything you will become in this life. God’s Word is proven to be powerful only when it changes your self-image.

One of the most important and under-taught facets of bible reading and biblical meditation is visualization. Joshua 1:8 reveals the truth that we are to mediate on the truth in God’s Word everyday and night and if we do, we will have good success and prosper ourselves! The people who think the Bible doesn’t work are the people who don’t meditate on it consistently and long enough to experience the breakthrough. Many people memorize it, but don’t visualize it. And this is where the cookie crumbles.

What is visualization?

Seeing and feeling yourself already experiencing and enjoying what you desire.

You must visualize yourself in a prosperous way. This is what 3 John 2 is all about. “Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers.” Most people have a problem seeing themselves being, doing or having the good they desire. They can easily see a celebrity, someone else they admire or a person from another race experiencing what they would want for themselves. They say things like it’s so easy for them to be successful. Or they always have a lot going for them. I can see them shopping there or traveling there. Well my question to you is who can see YOU being successful or rich? You must have high dreams of yourself as you do for others!!

You must have high dreams of yourself as you do for others!

We all visualize. And we usually do subconsciously or unintentionally. You may find yourself day dreaming about being on a beach. Or with a crush in the park only to snap out of it as a friend calls your name. Or when you start worrying about a problematic issue in your life. This is one of the most common ways you visualize. Imagining the worst case scenario for a challenge in your life is worrying and this is visualization. What I want you to know is that you have the power to reverse engineer the tendency to imagine the worst and to begin imagining the best for your life. Intentionally using the power of visualization is being a good steward of the measure of faith God has given you. Visualize the promises of God being true to you in order to experience them in your own life.

Visualize the promises of God being true to you in order to experience them in your own life.

The key to this is to INCLUDE YOURSELF in the visualization. When you visualize money for example, see yourself having large sums of money. What does being rich look like to you? When you visualize healing in your body, see yourself having the health and strength you need. Take time to use your mind and imagination and visualize yourself having and enjoying what you desire. Your body will begin to adjust to the demand of grace and faith you are putting on it.

The Power of Now Faith

The other key word in the definition of visualization is ALREADY! Don’t say I will Be or I am going to be rich. I will be healthy or I am going to be healthy. That may work and come to pass but it will take longer. You must understand the power of NOW, the realm of God. In the realm of the spirit there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only now. To manifest your greatest reality and highest identity you must learn to break free from time and live in the now. You need a nowness consciousness. The present is the only time you have and the only time there is. “Let the weak say I AM strong.” Not I will be strong. To say I am going to have simply is putting a delay on what the Kingdom of God wants to be added unto you right now. Affirm the truth in the now and you will set into motion the recovery of that truth!

The I️ AM Effect

God’s name is I Am. In the story of Exodus, He told Moses to tell Pharoah, “I AM that I AM sent you.” That is God’s name. Names reveal identity and nature. The nature of God is whatever I say that I am, I am!!!! If I say that I am Healer, then I Am. If I say that I am provider, then I am! And this is true of you. Whatever you say that you are, you are. Whatever you think you are, you are. Whatever you feel you are, you are. “As a man thinks in His heart so is He.” (Proverbs 23:7) This is why you must be obsessively observant of your vision of yourself or your I AM.

You must use your I Am in three ways.

1) Use I Am verbally.

2.) Use I Am visually.

3.) Use I Am emotionally.

For example, let’s use the declaration or confession of I Am rich. First you should declare this out of your mouth with intention and passion. “I AM RICH in money and happiness”. Then you must envision yourself enjoying or experiencing what being rich looks like to you in your own life. Closing your eyes and doing this as a faith exercise will help you. Don’t limit your imagination here. This is the child-like faith Jesus talked about. Children never imagine themselves being insignificant or inferior. Dare to do the same. See the best for yourself. Kick the inner judge and critics out of your mind. Finally allow yourself to feel the feeling of being rich. What emotions are attached with being rich? It may be the feeling of unshakeable confidence or a walk of elegance. It may be a new sense of profound joy and overwhelming happiness. Whatever the feeling is accociated with being rich to you, feel it in the now, as if you already have the riches you desire. As you do this everyday, you are reprogramming the beliefs of your heart and changing the self image you live from. You will be transformed into whatever image you have and hold of yourself.

5 Simple I Am Affirmations

  1. I Am currently being loved by God perfectly.
  2. Because of Jesus, I Am healed of all diseases.
  3. Money comes to me in unforeseen ways.
  4. I Am rich financially.
  5. Anything I invest myself into prospers.

Go ahead and try it. In just five minutes of this you will feel a difference in body and soul. Comment below Let me know what you experience!

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