You are worth more than you think!

It’s time to level up financially! Let me explain a simple way to do so. The great thinker Albert Einstein is known for saying you can’t solve a problem using the same level of thinking that created the problem. You have to think differently to get different results. So to get new financial results, it’s not God keeping you broke, nor is the devil keeping you from money…it’s your own beliefs that’s keeping you away from it. You just have to change the way you think in order to change!

You just have to change the way you think in order to change!

There are 5 socio-economic groups in the world:

The very poor, the poor, the middle class, the rich and the very rich.

The very poor makes $0-10,000 a year. The poor makes $10,000-25,000 a year. The middle makes $25,000-100,000 a year. The rich makes $100,000-1,000,000 a year. And the very rich makes $1,000,000 and beyond!

Those numbers also translate into a way of thinking that plays out in your way of life.

The very poor think day to day. The poor think week to week. The middle thinks month to month. The rich thinks year to year. The very rich thinks decade to decade. The richer you are the longer you think in advance.

I want you to see this extremely important distinction between the rich – poor division. The poor think short-term, but the rich think long term!

The poor think short-term, but the rich think long term!

You can increase the quality of your decisions and the quality of your life simply by stretching your thinking into the future and thinking from there instead of from your current emotions. Thinking from where you want to be instead of where you currently are. A lot of the impulse buying people give into is because they are not constrained by a more appealing vision for their lives!

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭21:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Notice the Bible didn’t just say hard work leads to prosperity. Not all poor people are lazy. In many cases the poor are very hard working people. Some work themselves to the bones just to make ends meet for their family. But either due to immigration status, previous criminal records or little education they are not given job opportunities that others can get and move ahead in. On the other hand good planning alone won’t make you rich either. You can plan all day long. But it’s the combination of both good planning and hard work that leads to prosperity.

It’s the combination of both good planning and hard work that leads to prosperity.

I now advise anyone who has a good work ethic and a desire to grow from one level to another level financially to sit down with a good financial planner. Someone who can help you think from the future you want to create for your life and plan out your steps from there. No future is unattainable if you have the right plan and desire to follow the steps to get there. It will feel uncomfortable but you will find so much more freedom after. Anyone can be rich financially! You are already rich. You were born rich! You were given all that you need to prosper in life. However, the reason why it’s hard for you to move up past the poor and middle class is because what it takes to be rich requires unconventional thinking!

What it takes to be rich requires unconventional thinking!

Unconventional Thinking

Each group gives you a lens to see the world and your resources through. You function within a particular class of people. Being born into one of these groups, you were taught as a child to identify what is valuable, what is possible, and what different circumstances mean. In each of those groups, you will also find people around you that also share the same lens. And they are not thinking about the next level. They see the world where you are. So whenever you attempt to do more than the level you’re on, they will challenge you and say “who do you think you are. Don’t you think we tried that? You think you’re better than us? ” These are your siblings, neighbors, closest friends, your teachers, your parents and their friends. The environment we see reinforces this to be “our normal”. And the group usually talks about other groups and makes fun of them and tell us to hold on to the group we’re in. You’re not encouraged to move up, but just to fit in and accept your status! But the devil is a LIE!!

At Hungry 4 God which is the church I️ lead, I️ teach my people to believe that they are born for more! As you’re reading this, believe this with me. You will be the wealthiest person your family has ever known! You will be the rich one the kids go to! You will own when everyone is renting. You will invest when everyone else is spending. You will give when everyone can’t. You will lend when everyone else is borrowing. You will leave behind generational wealth, when everyone around you is leaving generational debt! This is God’s will for you life, that you prosper and be in good health! There is more than enough in the kingdom of God for everyone to rule and be rich. Let things be in you in Earth as it is in Heaven. There’s no lack in Heaven, therefore let there no be lack concerning you!!

If this inspired or helped you in anyway, please comment or be kind and share to inspire someone else!

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