One of the most powerful secrets I’ve learned about money is…

Read until the end. I’m going to show you something that is so simple yet powerful, it will take you out of any financial crisis you’re in forever. More money will not solve your money problems. Your problem is not the money. Money is deceitful. Sure it may make things a bit easier and more convenient in the short term if you had more of it right now, but without the right understanding of wealth in your heart, money can actually suffocate your life with all the worries and fears it will bring. Truth is it’s not money you need to seek to serve for but a desire to serve the world according to God’s creative will for your life. Now let me shock you and tell you why: Money is not real!

Money is not real!

The thing that people are looking to the most to end the worries of their life is not even a substance that is real. Let me explain by starting with this advice from King Solomon in the book of Proverbs.

“Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.” – Proverbs 23:5

Think about that. Riches in the form of money will be in your hands today and if you don’t make the proper use of it, will fly away from your hands tomorrow. I say it’s not real because it is not anything you can put any trust in. Yet this is the hope millions of people are looking to. I have a better way to share and it will give you so much peace and confidence for success. Stretch your thinking with me and keep reading.


When we talk about wealth, it’s tempting to only talk about money, your financial statement and the digits in your bank account. But money is just a shadow. It’s not the real thing. This is one of the biggest shifts you have to make in your mind regarding money. If you’re chasing after money, your chasing after the wrong thing. Money in and of itself is just an instrument used to measure something else…value. Money first of all is a socially agreed upon system used for the purpose of exchanging value from one party to the next. Before there was money, there was another financial system called bartering. In this barter system, if I wanted something that I didn’t have, I would take something that I️ did have that could be of value to someone else and would give that away in exchange for what I wanted from that someone else. It was a direct transaction. My three goats for your horse. My wheat for your salt. My carrots for your cow’s milk. We had to have something to give in order to get something. As trade interactions began to expand around the world, transactions needed an easier way to get done. For example payment receipts were written after verbal sales were complete to ensure transactions and sales happened and that no one would sell what was “purchased.” (Your word should be a form of currency. I️t should be as good as gold.) Speaking of gold, metals like gold and silver were also used to trade goods with people. But if you went on a journey and wanted to buy multiple items, carrying around gold can be very heavy as you can imagine. Hence the switch was made to move from gold to paper, backed by the amount of gold a nation had in their reserve or bank. Depending on the amount of gold, the amount of paper was allowed to be printed. This is the type of financial world we were born into but very soon there is going to be a change from paper to a much more faster system. It already happened with the credit card system back in 1950. But a new system is now emerging called crypto currency for the same reason paper was created…speed, safety and efficiency. The world is moving faster and we need to make transactions safer and faster.

**For more information about this, I️ would advise you to read a book called “Conspiracy of The Rich: The 8 New Rules Of Money” by Robert Kiyosaki**

Now I don’t want to go much more into the history of money because I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination, but I did give that really non-impressive explanation of money only to help you realize that money is not what you really are to be going after in life.

**Here’s the questions you need to be asking:**

1) What are people willing to give their money up for?

2.) What goods or things of value are people willing to exchange their cash for?

3.) What common problems do people have that I can solve for them?

4.) What common items do people buy all the time that I can buy and resell or create and sell?

People are always looking to spend their money because most people today don’t buy for utility. They buy for identity! They are looking for identity, value and worth in the things they buy. Determine to be a person of value. Decide to find out what are people’s interests and seek ways to give people what they are looking for. By doing this, you meet other people’s needs and you receive people’s money for what you are giving them. This is business 101! It’s simply buying or creating a product and selling it to someone else for a higher price than you paid. The price a person pays all depends on the value of what you are offering. Think value first. Being a person of value and bringing value to others. Get a product or a service to offer…and be creative offering your value to others at a price. Money is just the manifestation of this prosperity process.

2 thoughts on “One of the most powerful secrets I’ve learned about money is…

  1. Awesome! This is good Pastor!! “Determine To be a person of Value” that stuck with me and perfectly summed up this post! Also, I’ve recently been doing some research about investing into “Crypto currency”, Ron informed me of it, he also knows of a few apps/methods that allows for civilians to invest into Crypto currency.

    1. Yes! Value is it! We can merge minds and ideas and plan ahead. Investing in things together like crypto currency is important. It’s the future. I foresee after the economic crash, the need to switch from fiat currency to crypto currency will Be one of the solutions the world may look to.

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