Money Is coming your way. Are you ready?

Financial problems is one of the leading causes of worry and stress in people’s lives. Marriages end. People take their lives. When you have to worry about money, I️t is a struggle to feed your children, to feed yourself, to travel to school, to pay your rent or mortgage, to keep clean clothes on your kids, to go to church and to worship God. For some of you, you have all sorts of debt. You owe sally mae, you owe chase, you owe this one and that one. Instead of blessings chasing you down, debt collectors are chasing you down. Instead of your cup running over for you, your cup wants to run away from you. Your financial problems seem impossible today, but our God specializes in the impossible!

Does God want you to be poor or to be wealthy? Does God select or pre-qualify some people to be rich and some people to be poor? Is it only those who are born into wealthy families that can be wealthy? Does God set the limit on how much money a person can make? Here’s what Jesus has to say about limits…

“All things are possible to him who believes.” – Mark 9:23

Things become possible simply by believing it can be possible. Impossibility is a disability of the mind. To think something is impossible is a matter of fear and a byproduct of poverty not faith. Who says you can’t be rich? Who says you can’t have long life and enjoy it? Who says you have to be sick? Who says you have to live poor? Not God! He says anything is possible for you, if you can believe! If you can believe something to be true for you, you can make it happen for you! Belief is the quiet confidence in truth. Belief is the power that conquers all limitations and impossibilities. Belief is the force of the Kingdom within you. Believing is what causes things to true for you.

Impossibility is a disability of the mind.

Have you realized the Bible is a book of psychology as well as theology? It tells you that you are something and someone better and greater than you currently are and that you have to change the way you think in order to get there! All transformation in scripture includes some form of meditative process, where your thoughts have to change in order for YOU to change. Your mind won’t change on its own. You have to intentionally choose the thoughts you want, deciding which thoughts you will reject or give into. Terms like repentance, faith, salvation, conversion and confession are all the result of a psychological shift that happens when truth is received from the heart. The different systems of change in scripture include hearing preaching and teaching, meditation, visualization and affirmation. Now some of these terms will instantly sound familiar to you if you read self-help books and listen to motivational speakers on personal development. Some even attribute these things to New-Age philosophy. But truth is these practices are very biblical. In fact there’s a direct connection to the ability to prosper and your ability to intentionally practice these systems.

What separates the rich from the poor is not currency but consciousness!

There are rich people problems and poor people problems. There are rich people actions and poor people actions. There are rich people conversations and there are poor people conversations. There are rich people mindsets and poor people mindsets. There are rich people paradigms and perspectives and poor people paradigms and perspectives.

The rich have a different awareness of the things that allow them to become more financially successful. Here’s a couple:

1.) Self-belief

2.) Vision

3.) Humility

4.) Resilience

5.) Worthiness – a deserving feeling

6.) Good planning

7.) Good organization skills

8.) Discipline

9.) Desire

Just to name a few.

People perish for a lack of knowledge. Jesus said you will KNOW the truth and the truth will make you free. This applies to any area you know the truth in. So you can say you will know the truth about money, and the truth about money will make you financially free! You have to know that wealthy men and women believe certain things about money that you don’t know and they take actions accordingly. If you want to prosper in this area, learn what they believe and do what they do. The #1 reason you are in financial bondage is the lies you believe and tell yourself about money (work, success and happiness). Your results are always connected to your behavior. Your behavior is always connected to your beliefs. What you believe will always be an extension of your identity. If you change your beliefs you can change your behavior. If you can change those two things, you can reach new results!

I want to help you achieve the goals you desire financially. By answering this simple questionnaire, help me help you. If you have financial concerns and can attend a free financial workshop training, what would you want to learn? Please choose from the following and reply. I’d like to know what areas of Money are of interest to you! Maybe I will do a workshop to some of you that reply. 😁

  1. How to get out of financial debt
  2. How to invest money in stocks
  3. How to invest money in real estate
  4. How to make money online
  5. How To reprogram Your heart and mind for effortless financial success

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