The Performance Trap

In this consumer-driven world we live in today, the idea of perfection is marketed to you everyday. Advertisers sell you a product intending to convince you that this item will perfect your life. For example, we’ve seen those AXE body spray commercials. Wearing this deodorant spray men, you won’t be able to keep the women off of you! I tried, and I think I attracted flies instead. Or Maybeline commercials. If you wear this makeup brand ladies, you’ll have all the confidence you’ll ever need. Have you noticed that they’ve attached your self-worth to their product? Want to know why? Because advertisers understand this important truth:

You don’t just buy for utility, you buy for identity!

You’re looking for identity. All the time. Even in the things you buy. You are unconsciously buying for identity. You want to finally come to the discovery of who you are. Your purpose. Your worth. Until you know where true worth comes from, you’ll remain on a hunt for it. Our hunger for self-worth in this world is never-ending. This is why there is no such thing as customer satisfaction. How do I know? Because if you were, once you got what you wanted you would never go back. Perfect service to a customer, 5 out of 5 star rating doesn’t mean you’ve arrived…it means you did really well until the next time. And it also means you set a bar you now have to not only remain on, but exceed! Why? Because if you don’t perform on the level of perfection, the customer is no longer satisfied. The performance trap of customer service is what drives today’s business economy and is the source for basically all the stress, psychological breakdowns and family dysfunctions we see happening. There’s nothing wrong with serving your customers, clients with exceptional service. But your identity cannot be attached to being perfect towards them. Parents, neither can you attach your children’s worth to behaving well or scoring high on tests. If you’re love is offered or withheld based on their performance, you are not showing them perfect love.

We got it all wrong. Offering authenticity is the way to lead today. It’s the way to market yourself. Its the way to find real love. It’s the way to free yourself. To offer authenticity is to get off the hamster wheel of performance, striving for perfection. When you learn authenticity, you can tell people this is me, take it or leave it. You stop forcing success. And start being success, because success is who you are, not what you will one day be!

You will never feel like a success until you realize you are a success. Success is who you are before it’s what you do.

Think over the past two or three days. Close your eyes and let the memories rise to the surface. Who are the people you’ve tried to please or keep happy in some way? Were you successful?

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