How to have the perfect day

As I mentioned in my previous post, perfection is a myth. It lies in our perception. However, while my view of what’s “perfect” will be different than yours, there are some general ways we can set up our day to feel “perfect” for us.
1.) Determine the end from the beginning

The perfect day starts the night before. Take some time to plan what the “perfect” day would look like for you. Some people plan their whole week a week before. But just start with picturing what you want. A set of three to five goals you set for yourself to accomplish. I suggest making up your bed as one. Coming home to a made up bed is a great way to end your day.

2.) Begin each day meditating on and receiving the perfect love of God

Before you go on Instagram or check your text messages…before you go to your phone, go to the throne! Wake up a few minutes earlier and just meditate on God’s love. God has nothing but love for us. You are His child. You are His reflection, created in His likeness. He sees Himself in you. No one else looks more like you than our Father. Begin the day thinking about how loved you already are. God’s love is unconditional. It is perfect and present-tense. There is nothing you can do to get Him to love you any more or any less than He already does! God IS love. Open up your heart wide and picture yourself as He sees you, first thing in the morning.

3.) Forgive yourself of every other goal you failed to achieve before
So many people are afraid of their future because they are ashamed of their past. So they don’t make any God-sized goals. They believe that their future will look like what’s been. They hold condemnation and guilt as lenses to see through. This is where the need for positive grace teaching comes in. When you are clear on your righteousness and perfection in God, and that God gives us unlimited forgiveness because of His love for us, we live with no fear. We are free to get back up and conquer our fears and fulfill the dreams God puts in us for His glory. Our sins and iniquities He remembers no more. Therefore your job is to forget what God has forgotten. Your past doesn’t determine your future. Your current choices do!
4.) Be grateful for everything that happens to you. 
Don’t focus on what’s not happening for you or even whats happening to you. Believe that everything good or bad is working together for the good. Got pulled over today and receive a traffic ticket? Give God thanks. You woke up to your find your car not starting? Give Him thanks. It’s not called being naive. It’s called faith. Gratitude releases supernatural joy. It gets you in tune with the flow and presence of the Creator. You have the breath of life. That’s the only reason you need to praise God. Everything else is a bonus because nothing else you do can be done without the gift of oxygen. So much to say here but you get the point…
5.) Let things slide
Blessed are the peacemakers. So much peace is given away in exchange for self-justification. You don’t need to be seen as right in the eyes of men if you know who you are in Christ. Not every fight needs to be fought. If someone crosses you the wrong way, ignore it. Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive!
6.) Give something away
The cycle of blessing is receiving, giving and receiving. The more aware you are of the love God is giving you at this very moment, how forgiven you are and how much you have to be grateful for, you will find yourself living more generously. Love is the seal of perfection. (Colossians 3:14) For God so loved, He GAVE. You will find your day perfected in love given away. Give an encouraging word to boost someone feeling down. Surprise someone with coffee or lunch. Share a tip to someone in your circle trying to get ahead in life. Help out at your local church.
Love perfects another person’s day! 
Remember a perfect day is not everything going perfect. Your day will be perfect by taking in and trusting in God’s perfect love to steer you in the right direction. 

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