One Nation Under Grace


There was a smooth and peaceful transition of power today as the now former President Barak Obama gave way to the next POTUS Mr. Donald Trump. Interestingly enough, I preached a message on last Sunday called “Fully Transitioning Under Grace”. Click Link Here to listen “The Transition”.

Coming to the end of our teaching series on GRACE, I gave a passionate and strong talk about the need for every believer to move from living under law to living completely under GRACE (Romans 6:14), the administration of Heaven on Earth. No more LAW, ONLY grace, for it is under grace where we find the strength to live the way God sees us. It’s what the New Testament is all about. Not everyone transitions with a transition. When there is a transition, three things are happening:

1.) Transition of Power (Who or what you give your power to)

2.) Transition of Devotion (Who or what you give your devotion to)

3.) Transition of Mindset (Who or what you give your beliefs to)

Power. Devotion. Mindsets. All three are transitioning at the rate of our participation. There will always be conflict in times of transition because people don’t want to change. Today, I saw a nation protesting the presidential transition in fear of an America with the now president Donald Trump in office. They have yet to understand the Grace of God. God is not at work for a specific race of people. He is not a racist. He is a GRACIST. And so am I! God is at work primarily for and towards His church and together, a church united under GRACE can see healing in a nation currently divided by race, economics, education etc.

Here’s my outlook of what I believe is happening in America:

Over the past 50 years:
Yoga has made a rise in America.
Islam made a rise in America.
Eastern mysticism made a rise in America.
Atheism made a rise in America.
Sex & nudity has made a rise in America.
Scientology made a rise in America.

Buddhism made a rise in America.
Drugs made a rise in America.
All while the Church has made a decline in America.
The brunt of jokes. Deemed irrelevant. Filled with scandal & taunts of hypocrisy. Many even believe the Church will become extinct in the black community. 

BUT I foresee…God is going to make the Church great again, through the era of the man who wants to make America great again. For if America is going to be great again, the CHURCH has to be great again! As Martin Luther started a reformation in 1517 that changed the world as they knew it, a new breed of reformers and protesters are emerging in 2017, 500 years later…Men and women that have the heart of God, filled with the Spirit of God and marked by the LOVE of God that will change the way the world sees God. Something BIG is coming. We are transitioning! It’s already here. Another protestant reformation in on the way. And I’m a part of it. So are you too!

People of revolution, let’s dismiss our divides, unite under GRACE and make the nation GREAT again!

#OneNation #UnderGrace #ChurchReform #EducationReform#BusinessReform #GovernmentReform #HealthReform#EntertainmentReform #KingdomReform


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