Fear is meant to be broken.

English: Person with Broken Heart symbol. This...
English: Person with Broken Heart symbol. This is a person used in fabricatorz.com pattern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Love is greater than fear
Love is greater than fear
Jesus was in a house healing a bunch of people. The house was filled to capacity but a paralytic man was hungry for a miracle. His friends decided to do something very messy, unorthodox, unconventional and straight-up disrespectful…They tore the roof off the person’s house  and lowered the man from above right in front of Jesus!
“When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.” -(Luke 5:19-20)
Jesus immediately forgave him of his sins and healed him of his physical ailment.
What I love about Jesus was that He believed in the people religion chose not to believe in. He forgave Him in front of the religious people who didn’t understand that kind of undignified faith and were looking for something negative to say. If the paralytic man were worried about what people would say about him, he would have stayed out the house and on his back, still unable to walk. He was hungry for Jesus, which moved him to go to such great lengths to receive healing from Him…even breaking the roof of a person’s house.
Jesus Mind Principle #26: Break the habit of living under the roof of people’s opinions.
Oftentimes we judge people according to the labels we or society stamp on them. We put a lid over a person’s life and don’t expect them to rise above the expectations we set for them. Maybe even on a personal level, you have been pre-determined by people around you that you can only amount to a certain pedigree. That opinion of you becomes your roof. Everyone has a roof  but how high is your roof? The poorer your thoughts are, the lower your roof. The wealthier your thoughts are, the higher your roof.
Poor thoughts are motivated by fear.
When you have been brought down low by disappointments, set-backs and limiting factors such as a lack of money or love, it can create poverty mindsets that becomes a person’s roof. You are motivated by a fear of not having enough or what’s needed to thrive in life, so you learn to fight and struggle. You are threatened by what you feel you are lacking, which creates all sorts of walls, boundaries and inferiority complexes. Out of fear, you can’t live authentically. You have to worry more about protecting yourself rather than revealing yourself. Fears are meant to be broken.
Wealthy thoughts are motivated by love.
When a person is liberated from their limitations, they can be free to love, make choices and live an abundant life of grace. They can give people the benefit of a doubt, open up their heart to people and not feel threatened by another person’s success. They can humble themselves and not worry about being taken advantage of. This is a wealth mindset, one that is motivated by love. A person with a wealth mindset can love people, even if they don’t deserve to be loved by society’s point of view. A wealthy person can see wealth in any person, any place, any city and any situation. They see things from God’s perspective. He never sees hopelessness. he sees opportunities in every situation to bring Himself more glory. Right now, the Earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of God. Can you see the glory within those around you? Or do you see what’s wrong with those around you. The pure in heart become free to see the wealth of God’s glory in all things. God’s love is given to you so you can believe in people and bring the best out of them. This is the motivation of The Jesus Mind. Loving people unconditionally and partnering with Heaven as you release Heaven’s grace on their lives. When a person is free to love, they carry the wealth of Heaven within. Love is the true wealth of Heaven!
What are some practical ways to grow beyond our current roofs?

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