People Are to Die For

Love never falls...People fail on love
Love never falls…People fail on love
No greater love than this than a man who lays down His life for His friends.” (John 15:13) Divinity gave up His life for His friend…humanity. 
What love is greater than that? God reducing Himself to the body of a human being, just so He can die for us and reveal how great of a love He has for us. He did it when no one even believed in His love. He loved us before we loved Him. He waited and continues to wait for us to find His love. This gospel message is the greatest love story in History and one we will never end telling. It saves us, heals us and transforms as we believe in the reality of this moment in time. God died so we can know we are loved of Him!
This year, Heaven is revealing another side of this story to me. While I always believed in God and His love, God began to reveal to me why He died…He simply said to me..You believe in me, now I need you to believe in people. People are to die for. 
Jesus Mind Principle 25: People are to die for!
Ha! You might be saying to yourself not the people I know. To be honest, you may have some people you wish would just die already. We’ve been let down, disappointed, rejected, humiliated and severely hurt by people. What do you mean God?
When you see things from His perspective, you’ll realize every person you meet is worth dying for. If He died for them, then that means they really are. The price a person is willing to pay for something reveals its worth. No one will pay $8,000 for a bag full of left-over food. But they will pay that for a Louis Vuitton bag. God chose to pay for us with His very life. He thought you and I were worth dying for! How many things in life have you come across and thought that it was to die for? I’m sure we said it out of ecstatic pleasure in a moment but I bet you won’t die for that Louis Vuitton bag, no matter how much you paid for it. Your life is the most precious luxury you have. You won’t spend it on something you don’t believe is worth it. Imagine the fact that God sees everyone in the world worth dying for. That means God sees what we don’t see. He told the Old Testament prophet Samuel that “man looks on the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.” There’s something in humans that God sees that we have not seen yet. There is something within everyone worth dying for. There is treasure buried deep within us all. The good, the bad, the homeless, the orphan, the poor and even the annoying neighbor next door. Every faith-walker is called to believe in people as much as we believe in God. Love begins with faith and it is expressed through love. We are taught not to expect much from people, that way we won’t get hurt if they let us down. But if we don’t expect much from people, would they ever rise to anything greater than our lid over their lives? I believe the treasure God sees within people won’t emerge until they are placed in environments where they are believed in…where they are loved, accepted, encouraged despite their flaws and given permission to be themselves. It’s the way God loves us, and He’s calling us to reveal this Agape Love to the people we meet…enemies included!
What hinders people from believing in people?
How can this viewpoint change the way we live our daily lives?

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