Developing a Kingdom Mindset


Salvation is not the goal of Christianity. If it was, all God would need is an assassin and an evangelist. One to bring us in and one to take us out! On the contrary, making a decision to serve Christ is the beginning of a brand new life. A life of supernatural power, passion and resilience awaits you. It is the life you want. The life God designed for you. We are all called to live a Kingdom life. The Kingdom of Heaven is the supernatural Kingdom of God on Earth, marked by signs and wonders. Christians are re-created to operate within the supernatural mindset of Christ  and witness people & nations experience healing, deliverance, and transformation. If Christians still view the saving of souls as their greatest responsibility on the Earth, then they have failed to see the highest will of God. Even greater than souls being saved is the mission we have to bring this age to an end by bringing in the Kingdom of God!

“This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.”-Matthew 24:14

If you read those texts above, Jesus didn’t preach the gospel of salvation, but the gospel of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is far more expansive than just salvation. Salvation gets you into the door. You move from sinner to saint via salvation. But once saved, you are beginning a process of discovery into the development of your royal heritage, identity and inheritance within God’s Kingdom. You are to shift lifestyles from pauper to prince. The King and His Kingdom is now within you! (Luke 17:21)

Jesus established His Church on Earth as the headquarters by which the Kingdom will be revealed and released. Guidelines to how He wanted His Kingdom to come was laid out by Him and the 1st set of apostles He trained and sent on mission.

  • What did His disciples and apostles preach? Matthew 10:1,7; Matthew 28:19-20

Not only did they preach what Jesus preached, they were commanded to teach next generation believers to preach this.

  • Jesus reminded them THESE signs shall follow them that believe. Mark 16:17-20

The Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of the Kingdom are not two different gospels but the same Gospel looked at from two different perspectives. God’s goodness manifested towards the world He loves is His grace. God’s confrontation & vengeance directed against the demonic oppression of Satan leading to reformation and transformation in the Earth is the gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom is the Gospel of grace with the additional element of the power of the ages to come.

The Kingdom of God is the sovereignty and Lordship of Jesus on display. Casting out demons is one of the manifestations of His Kingdom. (Matthew 12:28) Wherever His Lordship is enforced, demons have no power. Healing all manner of sickness and disease is also the manifestation of God’s Kingdom on the Earth. The Jesus Mind is about putting on the mindset of Christ. Jesus’ affections were fixed on doing the “Works of the Father” and being about His “Father’s business.”

Manifesting the Kingdom on Earth is the Father’s business. When you use The Jesus Mind, you begin using the privileges, rights and capabilities given to you by Christ in order to fulfill your responsibility of bringing Heaven to Earth. While we are waiting for Jesus to return, it is quite possible that Jesus is waiting for us to return. While we are looking to leave Earth and go to Heaven…Jesus is looking for us to BRING Heaven to Earth. You have a new desire within you…to see miracles. To stop sinning. To be a light in darkness. To do the impossible and see the mountains of our lives cast into the sea. The power to fulfill those desires rest in the power of the Kingdom…the Holy Spirit. Understand that the mission is not salvation. The mission is global transformation until it’s “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Question: Why do you believe the Church today is not teaching more on the Kingdom of God?

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