When in doubt, don’t.

I became tired of talking about a gospel of power without any demonstrations of it around the time my younger brother passed away of cerebral palsy. My heart always hungered and yearned for the reality of God‘s power to invade his body. I mean if this book I’m holding in my hand (The Bible) was a real book with real historical accounts of the impossible being made possible for ordinary people who believed God…why can’t it happen for me? Is there a secret formula? A 5 step plan? My brother had the palsy for all 16 years of his life. I never doubted God could heal Him, I just didn’t know why it didn’t happen. I prayed, my family prayed…but the miraculous intervention didn’t occur. The Bible gives an account of a story where Jesus healed a man with palsy. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. People take loss, defeat and uncertainty in different ways. While I lived in the midst of this unexplainable mystery, I refused to believe a lie to feel better about my circumstance. God did not make him sick, He did not want him to NOT be healed and I don’t believe He doesn’t want everyone to be healed…He states pray His will “On Earth as it is IN Heaven.” He also stated it’s not my will that “anyone should perish.”  How you respond to what goes wrong in your life is one of the greatest challenges you’ll have as you develop “The Jesus Mind”. Learning how to trust and praise God in the uncertain time between a promise and it’s fulfillment. That’s spiritual warfare zone. The finished work of Christ and “seeing” the work accomplished in you. It’s when you stand in the middle of death and disease, conflict and unresolved issues.It’s when you know it’s your time to rise again, but it seems longer than 3 days before God decides to roll the stone away. Don’t ever accuse GOD for not doing something you expected Him to do.

JESUS MIND PRINCIPLE #19: When in doubt, don’t.

Many Christians when they have no answer to the problems they’re in, they begin to deny God’s true nature and embrace lies of who He is and what He allows. They accept sickness and disease, poverty and mental anguish as gifts from God. They convince themselves that He is something contrary to the clear word of God. When you are unsure of what’s going on in your life, believe that “All things are working together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” When you declare the goodness and faithfulness of God  by praising Him, even before you see a breakthrough you are waiting for, His presence finds a place to rest in…because He only dwells in the praises of His people!

A hunger to see the impossible occur should be a natural desire of every Christian. The Spirit that did the impossible in Christ now lives in you. When you are born again, you begin inheriting the supernatural. I never denied this. My brother’s passing changed my life. I pressed in for greater measures of God’s Spirit and I have seen miracles manifest in my life, from broken bones, to mental issues to internal diseases all healed by the power of God’s gospel, His good news. It’s time to renew our minds enough to see Heaven invade Earth in and around our lives. Feed your faith, believe God for more and expect greater!

Here’s a video of a boy healed from cerebral palsy by a man of God. I’m believing God that palsy would be healed by my own hands in Jesus name. Be encouraged, expect Good news!

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