Question Popular Thinking

Who remembers William Hung? Probably no one reading this. And if you did, you forgot about him until I brought him up. He’s the Asian guy who couldn’t really sing but he was a fan favorite on American Idol. He was popular. For a year or so. And now he’s gone into the abyss of obscurity. His popularity showed me how easy it is for people to love what everyone else loves, celebrate what everyone else celebrates. It’s easy to buy into something that’s popular. Popular thinking loves the status quo. Popular =Normal=Average. What’s popular is the best of the least. It’s reachable for the lazy and undisciplined. You can put in the least amount of energy to get by and be like everyone else…the normal. When it comes to our personal lives, change is slow to happen primarily because many people are afraid to challenge popular thinking.

Jesus Mind Principle #15: If you want uncommon results you have to think uncommon thoughts.

“Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”-Jesus (Matthew 4:17)

Jesus began every message He preached about the Kingdom of Heaven (principles, keys and systems of the Kingdom) with the word “repent.” That word repent means to change your way of thinking. You must be willing to let go of what you think you know in order to experience the reality of God. You must reject the common, popular way of thinking if you are going to live within the Kingdom. My definition of “popular thinking” is widely accepted world views that are left unchallenged by curious, creative and adventurous minds. Kevin Myers stated “the problem with popular thinking is that it doesn’t require you to think at all.” It’s easier to think what other people are thinking. But it is harder to think your own thoughts. When a person repents and changes His way of thinking, he immediately becomes Unpopular=weird=above average. When a person has a fear of being rejected, being resisted and unpopular, they follow almost automatically the pattern of thought everyone seems to believe in. When a person repents, they must be willing to escape old ideas and embrace new ones. God is the master inspirer. A person with The Jesus Mind is one who has broken free from popular thinking and has increased their capacity to receive new ideas that will escort them into their future. Going against popular thinking is something everyone has to face, no matter if you’re a pastor trying to introduce new songs to your church or a teenager trying to discover alternate songs than what’s played heavily on rotation on the radio. Challenge popular thinking and break into new ground in your life. Get out of the MATRIX! Repent and think new thoughts, do new things, embrace new ideas, meet new people. Get a new perspective! Become intentional and comfortable in pushing the envelope in your life. Get ready to see new possibilities as you question the thoughts of popularity! Jesus did…so you will too!

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