God is working


On September 5, 1882, 10,000 industry workers marched together in a parade to protest against the working conditions in America. During the Industrial revolution of the 1800’s, workers were required to work 7 days a week, 12 hours per day with none of the luxuries typical employees today now have a right to claim. In those days there were no vacations, holidays, sick days or personal days. Workers banded together to form unions to fight for and protect the human rights of the employed. The 8 hour work day, upon other labor rights is what we are celebrating on Labor Day. What we can enjoy today was accomplished on our behalf of others we have never seen or ever known. We earned the right to rest through their efforts. In the same way, Jesus opened up to us all the right to rest within the work He did on our behalf.

The Bible says nothing about God taking vacations, personal days, holidays or the likes. You’ll never pray and get a recorded message saying something like…”I’m off my throne on vacation in the Orion nebulae. If you need a miracle call back in a week.” God is always working but He never needs a vacation because He continually works from a place of rest. He is not in Heaven striving to produce results. His efforts are never an attempt to gain approval or a performance to impress someone to earn praise. That’s where the fatigue comes in our lives. It’s tiring trying to live under those conditions. Jesus declared that He and His Father are always working. (John 5:17). Jesus then stated if you are tired and burdened from working hard in your life, come to Him and I’ll give you REST. (Matthew 11:28) The beautiful part of having a Jesus Mind is resting in the fact that Jesus did all the work for you and is working for you so that you don’t have to. The paradox is that you still work, but you do the Work that only the Father has designed for you. That way you don’t have to strive or outperform anyone. You simply rest in the grace provided for you…Grace is God working for you so He can get all the glory through you! Isn’t that amazing? Jesus worked so that we don’t have to.

Jesus Mind Principle #14: Rest in the finished work of Jesus produces supernatural results

When it comes to releasing the supernatural resources of the Kingdom such as miracles, answered prayers, breakthrough in your family, marriage or finances, the more you work for it, the less effective your efforts become. The pattern of Heaven is embracing a mentality of rest in knowing Jesus finished the work for you, hence the reason for His final statement on the cross “It is FINISHED.” (John 19:30) When I relax in revival rest, I find more of heaven being unlocked in and around my life. Striving for answered prayers are actually a sign of unbelief.  But when you can pray and believe God from a POSTURE of rest, confidence and assurance that He is working on your behalf through your faith in Jesus…the supernatural naturally begins to become a standard in your life. Remember Hebrews 4:11 “Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest.” The only thing you are to labor to do is learn to put aside the mentality of striving for God’s blessings and workings in our life. Read the gospel account of Jesus being the vine and we being the branches. A branch never strives to produce fruit. The key to fruitfulness is simply staying connected to the vine. As we learn to enjoy, abide in and indulge the presence of God on a daily basis, we stay connected to the vine which then keeps us consciously aware of the provision and empowerment give to us by the finished work of Christ! I can go on for days on this, but you get the point. When Christ went to the cross, He basically stated R.I.P to the flesh=REST IN PEACE! On this Labor Day, enter into the rest God has prepared for you! Discover His peace in His presence. It is the secret key to unlocking abundance, good success, miracles and the power of God’s grace in your life!

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