When in doubt, don’t.

I became tired of talking about a gospel of power without any demonstrations of it around the time my younger brother passed away of cerebral palsy. My heart always hungered and yearned for the reality of God's power to invade his body. I mean if this book I'm holding in my hand (The Bible) was [...]

Is God really in control?

Many people are looking for meaning in tragedy. In a hope to comfort the broken-hearted, we've taught people to believe that God is in control. But is He? Was He in control of the drunk driver that ran the light, and took the lives of the family driving home from the movies? Was He in [...]

The Power of One

"None of us is as smart as all of us."-Ken Blanchard Two is better than one, when two joins as one! Jesus didn't attempt his mission alone. He immediately sought after a few young men, shared his vision with them, got them to buy into his message and started his mission with their help. Jesus knew [...]

Realistic Faith

  You can't build a house in midair. You need a solid foundation to build on. Something real, that has weight and substance. The same goes with your faith. While you may dream about doing the unthinkable, achieving the unachievable, you must be realistic. Your dream of being a billionaire business owner will never become [...]

Question Popular Thinking

Who remembers William Hung? Probably no one reading this. And if you did, you forgot about him until I brought him up. He's the Asian guy who couldn't really sing but he was a fan favorite on American Idol. He was popular. For a year or so. And now he's gone into the abyss of [...]

God is working

  On September 5, 1882, 10,000 industry workers marched together in a parade to protest against the working conditions in America. During the Industrial revolution of the 1800's, workers were required to work 7 days a week, 12 hours per day with none of the luxuries typical employees today now have a right to claim. [...]