Freedom At What Cost?

Society is adapting a belief system that in an ideal world, everyone must be programmed, tracked, controlled and remain under heavy surveillance to bring peace on Earth. I have concerns. As I stood on line in the airport from my beautiful trip to Miami to be full-body scanned, I was reminded of how a few men’s cowardice attack, that took the innocent lives of thousands caused an entire shift in the policy of our country’s security and protection. We want to prevent another attack like this from happening again, so traditional liberties have been stripped and personal privacy is becoming a thing of the past. The question lies does freedom have to be sacrificed for security?

Jesus Mind Principle #14: Freedom is always a choice, but it always costs 

Jesus said He came to set us free. It cost Him His life…but now that we are free in Christ, how do you value it? Before Him we were enslaved to something…our own desires that were corrupt through an indulgence of sin. We couldn’t break free from it if we wanted to. Prone to lying, addictive bouts, depressing thoughts, being sick…all are results of being enslaved to sin. Being free in Christ and having The Jesus Mind, we can now say NO to sin. Before Him we didn’t have that option. We were slaves. Freedom is the ability to make a choice. God originally created us to be free, and it’s the reason why there were two trees in the garden. He didn’t create us to be robotic worshipers. We were created free to make choices. In God’s perfect world, He doesn’t strip liberty from us. He freely gives us liberty to make choices! The removal of liberties is an anti-Christ policy, even if you think it will make you feel more secure. Christ set you free, but you want the world to protect you, at the cost of losing your freedom. Is it more freedom or more security?? Be secure in your freedom in Christ and obey Him at all costs! Remember this…Jail is a place where liberties are removed to ensure safety. If you want to feel even more secure, there’s a place in jail that’s called MAXIMUM security. It’s the place where there’s the fewest liberties. In our society that opposes biblical influence, the more security you want, the less freedom you must be willing to give up! The choice is yours!

One of my former mentors and teachers in the faith is a man named Steve Thompson. He has a blog check it out. Below I’m sharing a recent blog post he wrote after his trip to the Middle East. It’s about this idea of empowerment and slavery. I thought it would bless you. Enjoy!

“There were two trees in the garden.

It’s the title of one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s also a profound revelation about the nature of God.

It was never God’s intention to make slaves out of us. If it was, then why were there two trees in the garden?


Lucifer and a third of that creation had already fallen.

Still, God put two trees in the garden for his next creation to have choice.

With God there is always choice. And apparently for one simple reason.

It is God’s nature to empower.

Love empowers. It does not enslave.

Empowerment allows choice. Slavery demands compliance.

Empowerment allows consequences to teach. Slavery reenforces thru punishment.

Empowerment promotes and elevates. Slavery demotes and degrades.

Empowerment imparts responsibility. Slavery promotes irresponsibility.

When we realize the degree to which He empowered us, we may begin to understand that the difficulty the earth is experiencing are not acts of God, but the consequences of the actions of humanity. We may then understand that the earth is bearing the fruit of the seeds of violence we have sown into it through our fear, greed and lust, which began as soon as we fell away from Him.

If we then realize our (mankind’s) responsibility for creating the world in which we live and the condition of our planet, then we may stop blaming Him for the consequences of humanity’s actions. Maybe then we also stop excusing ourselves by the mistaken notice that God is in control of things on the earth, though He gave us authority and responsibility as soon as we were created.

Maybe then we will see a new world emerge, when we realize how much He has empowered us.”

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