Discovering Your Purpose




“Glory is the goal of life. There is no greater purpose in life than to expose your personal glory. It is a fact of creation that every living thing possess its own glory and exists for the purpose of manifesting that glory. You and every one of the people on this planet are walking containers of glory, and it is the Creator‘s desire that each one release that full glory and fill the earth with the glory of God.”-Myles Munroe


I will be on vacation for a week down in South Beach. I’m praying the hurricane that is approaching the Sunshine State dissipates and I can enjoy the last week of the Summer. Thank you for reading my blogs thus far. I have just compiled a new work called “Discovering Your Purpose.” Click the link to download. Feel free to share with all your friends and loved ones! Until then, send me an email, leave a comment or tweet and let me know what you think. It’s a quick and easy read but is sure to inspire you to live a life of purpose, ON purpose.  Continue discovering the Jesus in you. Put on “The Jesus Mind.”

“Discovering Your Purpose” Digital Book HERE

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