Love Hurts

What’s the greatest love story you ever heard? Think about it. The stories that when you hear it moves you to an avalanche of tears, or gives you the warm fuzzes just by hearing about it. Maybe it was in a movie such as “The Noteboook”, “Wuthering Heights”, “Midsummer night’s Dream” or “Love and Basketball“…or the poetic story of Romeo and Juliet. Love is filled with ups and down, pain and laughter, joy and sorrow. As I replay the movies and stories I mentioned in my mind, all of them produce a sensational emotional roller coaster. We all love love. Love feels good, but it also hurts. Love is one of the most volatile things to get involved with. It’s risky business. When you get into love, and I mean REAL LOVE…it changes you. The love that lasts forever transforms you into another man or woman. You do things you’ve never done before. Say things you never thought you’ll say. You realize you have to take a chance and open up or else it won’t work. The walls of fear of rejection, the well-packaged ego all get demolished as love replaces it all.

When I think about the greatest love story, I think about the God who allowed His Son to be born into a world to be hated, rejected and crucified…just so that through this senseless, defenseless love…the world would come to see that God TRULY loved them! To me, every other love story fails in comparison. God loved until it hurt. He loved so much that He would suffer the most hurt for us! This Kingdom principle of love leaves no man an excuse to not live a life of love. When you know God loves, you learn to love yourself and love others. Jesus loved so much that He would lose His life for it. This kind of love is what is reproduced and replicated in those who have The Jesus Mind.

Jesus Mind Principle #11: Love like God

God is Love and Jesus was God in a body. Jesus is Love. How was love received? Love was hurt, betrayed, talked about and used wrongly by others…but love forgave them. True love will always be open to hurt. Once a protective barrier goes up, it can no longer remain true love. The kind of love that wins is the love that sees the risk, knows the price of sacrifice involved in winning and dives into a selfless abandon to see the desired result of their love. How do we grow in love? How can we love like God? How can we learn to love people? Is it possible? Jesus Minded people love, and not just with their words. They prove it! Here are some points about love and some Biblical verses to match. Meditate on them and allow His liquid love to flow in your heart.

  • Love is the sacrifice of one’s self for another (John 3:16)
  • Love is defenseless (Luke 22:48-54)
  • Love respects, honors and treats others with dignity (John 8:4-7, 1 Peter 2:17)
  • Love never argues (Luke 23:9)
  • Love transforms hearts (John 13:35; 1 John 3:14)
  • Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8)
  • Love submits to truth not opinions (John 14:6)

Love is an act of faith! It’s supernatural, flowing from the divine…our Heavenly father. When we receive His love, love becomes easy. Yea it hurts at times. But like an experienced investor, the risks don’t scare you away. It’s the reward and the returns on your investment that motivates you. Grow in love today and walk in your Jesus Mind!

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