Rest in the City


In the high paced, high velocity, high traffic city of NY I live in, you think unless you’re busy you’re missing out on life. But Jesus valued rest. Most of my greatest thoughts come when I’m not thinking about something and giving my brain a break. Rest is the hardest thing for most ppl to do, but it’s the most rewarding. On the 7th day of creation, the Biblical account states that even God rested from His Work…not because He needed it but in order to give us a standard for life.

Jesus Mind Principle #9: Value rest

Rest is our time to break and look at all the work we’ve done, recognizing how effective we were. In the beginning God rested and looked at His work just to see that it was good. Is your work good? Many people avoid rest because they are afraid to wake up and face reality. Reasons why people remain busy:

  • Busyness is a form of avoidance. If you stay busy, you can avoid some of the things you don’t want to face-like exercising or taking care of your wealth.
  • Busyness is also a form of laziness. When someone refuses to take action on the most important matters of their life, they’ll keep themselves occupied and pretend to have an excuse. I know, I been there. Until I acquired The Jesus Mind.  
  • Busyness is a form of arrogance. If God rested, why would you dare to not rest? You’re not too young or too strong to avoid rest.

Yes I know you are ambitious, deprived on time and when you see the accomplishments of others, it feels like you are not doing enough. But pump the brakes, turn down the noise, surrender all your aspirations and do nothing. We all want to save the world but when we wake up tomorrow, the world will still need saving (Thanks for the reminder Seth). In the meantime you’ll get a stroke, miss out on the miracles in each moment of the day or lose the interest of your wife, husband or children. Take a deep breath, rest and think.

I’m known for being a busy body. Over the years I’ve kept myself busy with work. One day I stopped to analyze the value of my work, to see if it was good. I realized all work is not created equal. Important work is production to achieve an important goal. Busy work is production unrelated to the achievement of a goal. How much work are you currently involved in that is unrelated to seeing a dream of yours come to pass? Unless you begin intentionally working towards your goals, dreams and desires, it will never become a reality to you. Your dreams will remain just that.

“Early the next morning Jesus went out to an isolated place. The crowds searched everywhere for him, and when they finally found him, they begged him not to leave them.” (Luke 4:42)

Jesus often took breaks in His time of ministry just to rest with the Father in secrecy so He can think, reflect and know what’s next. He didn’t allow the crowds to keep Him busy. He was purpose-driven therefore He didn’t waste time being busy in areas His assignment was up in. Work and rest goes hand in hand. Rest is a gift from God. When you rest in His presence, it’s like a spiritual spa. When you match it with a cup of Vanilla chai, your in Heaven!

Practice rest. Find a body of water and float. Hit a tennis ball against a wall. Nap during the workday (Pre-K got it right). Silence your work-related thoughts with unrelated thoughts from a nice magazine. Or take a stroll in the park. Go on a vacation. You’ll double your efficiency doing work God’s way.

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