Give to Get

Jesus was ahead of His time. The early Church as an organizational structure has over the centuries defiantly triumphed against opposition because of the best practices God established. Its fluid-like system of accountability, generosity, volunteerism, equal empowerment and simplicity are just SOME of the key indispensable practices top Fortune 500 copies have attributed to their success. The Church as an entity can never be destroyed because it was founded on timeless, indestructible laws and principles. If we learn to apply those principles in our personal life, we will also see major breakthrough in our lives.

Reciprocity will be the currency of the future. It’s the method and principle Jesus taught us when He said,

“Give away your life; and you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back-given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.”-Jesus (Luke 6:38 MSG)


Jesus Mind Principle #6: Give to Get

The Jesus Mind understands that the key to receiving what you don’t have, is giving away what you do have. Sharing is powerful.  There is something you have in your hand right now that  you can use to create the future you desire. Once you release it, and share it…more comes through the door. It’s based on the universal and now popular Kingdom law known as sowing and reaping. When you invest into another person’s life, that measure will come back into your own life. As a farmer sows a seed and receives a harvest from the seed planted, we also receive a harvest from what we plant. It’s not only about giving money either. You can share your…

  • Support
  • Time
  • Connections/Contacts
  • Encouragement
  • Creativity
  • Good Advice
  • Peace
  • Prayer
  • Resources
  • Friendship
  • Skills
  • Anointing
  • Love

Anything you have that can contribute to another person’s success. Giving is one of the golden keys in unlocking the miracles we need. Most people today are concerned about getting more, so they close their hands. But we’re rewarded for being generous. When we are selfish and hoard the God-given skills and resources we have been blessed with, we actually deprive ourselves of our future blessings. Today’s seed will create tomorrow’s harvest. Share. Offer what you have to the world. Start with those around you who may be in need of something. Fight the greed instinct.  You won’t regret it…Start by sharing this!


4 thoughts on “Give to Get

  1. These are wonderful words of wisdom. I always look forward to your posts. While reading this post, I thought of the scripture that talks about the liberal soul being made fat. Truly the happiest people on earth are those who give, in my opinion. I will definitely share this!!!

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