Faith As A Child

Children love imagining and making stuff up. Children love experimenting and coloring outside the lines. Children believe in any story, any dream you inspire them with. Children ask WHY?…A million and one times a day! Children don’t understand “no” or “can’t”. Children are spontaneous. Children are brave and learn by taking risks rather than depending on other people’s opinion…That’s how you once were. Before the pain. Before the disappointments, hardships and hurts. Before you went to school, shared your dreams and experienced embarrassment as friends or teachers tell you, “That’s impossible” or “Your weird.” What if you can live like that again? Not afraid to dream, discover new possibilities daily and have the “Child-like” courage to take risks. You will probably be living the life of your dreams…Or you will probably be having WAY more fun with your life than you currently are.

Jesus Mind Principle #4: Be a Child-Like Grown-up

“Let the children come to Me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you, anyone who doesn’t have their kind of faith will never get into the Kingdom of God.” – Jesus

The Jesus Mind lives with a child-like faith. Children enjoy themselves. With or without a crowd. With or without your approval. Their imagination is all the tools they need for pleasure and enjoyment. I’ve never seen a child naturally unhappy. They love to play, love to dance, love to run. They exemplify freedom better than any adult I know. Whether your in the playgrounds of Ghana, Chile, Chicago or Kiev, it’s a universal standard…A child is dreaming and having fun! Somewhere along the line, we have equated growing up with cynical unbelief or child-like behavior with immaturity. Jesus said have the faith of a child, one that doesn’t “know better” than God and hangs on His every Word. One that sees their Heavenly Father with unrestricted, unlimited power to do even the impossible on their behalf because He loves them. This is the faith of The Jesus MindYou live with a child-like faith, but you’re not childish! You still make sound decisions, grow in wisdom and manage your daily responsibilities well. But in your heart, you maintain the passion, expectation and freedom that lives in every child. Study a child. Do some toddler theology. Ask God for a child-like heart again! Give God the experiences that stole your childhood from you and receive a fresh heart today. You’ll be surprised at how in every area of your life, you’ll see the Kingdom of Heaven backing you up. There are no grown-ups in Heaven…In comparison to an eternal God, we are ALL children in His sight!

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