You Are A Movement

What does online petitions to save a local park, hand-crafted accessories, Occupy Wall Street, Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters and Nicki_Minaj’s Barbs have in common? All are cultural movements. Movements are nothing more than people rallying around a big idea. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and some are big. Some are local and some are cross-societal. Everyone today wants be an Earthshaker. Spark a movement. Create a business. Launch a campaign that will change the world. We are living in a reformation age. A new kind of renaissance. Everyone is currently involved in a movement. Church is a movement. McDonalds is a movement. Facebook is a movement. Social networking as a whole is a movement. Movements keep our world moving, our cities improving and our world exciting. Moving is one of the most constant things you do! At a mirco-biological level, the cells within your body never stop moving. The day your heart stops moving, you die! Repeat after me and say…“I AM A MOVEMENT.”

 The Jesus Mind Principle #2: I Am A MOVEMENT

What were you called to move? Life needs you, your dream and your art, so we can move forward. In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. The Earth was in chaos, and in darkness..and the Spirit of God was MOVING over the face of the deep. Then God said, let there be light! (Genesis 1:1-2) The first 3 images of God we see is that He created, and then He moved…and then He spoke.

  1. God created
  2. God moved
  3. God spoke

Replicating the image of God…We create/innovate in our minds. Move on the inspiration and begin to spread the idea. There is an idea that God has deposited in you. Some light that is ONLY in you. You’ve seen it in your heart, the potential it can have. But the masses are afraid to MOVE. They cringe in fear at failing, at being laughed at. Michael Dell, Cindy Trimm, Mark Zuckerburg and many unknowns MOVE and there light is seen. Ignore the lizard and say “I AM A MOVEMENT”. How many times have you had a great idea and failed to MOVE on it? This is the age of MOVEMENTS! You ARE a movement. Jesus Himself was the greatest movement the world has ever seen. Develop The Jesus Mind in you and say one more time “I AM A MOVEMENT waiting to happen.” Jesus said You are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). So create, start your movement and share the glory that God is within you!  My light is a new JESUS MOVEMENT. Making His name even more famous!! What’s yours?


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