The Big Idea

What’s the Big Idea?

Only 1% of the world will read these blogs. You are one of them. I’m grateful. We all are on a search for success, meaning and significance in our lives. Some guru became famous in saying that the key to fulfillment is looking within yourself. But Jesus taught something else. Unlike some guru, Jesus was God personified. He revealed the HIGHEST truths to us. He was teaching us from an eternity of experience. It will be wise to listen to Him.

The BIG IDEA of Jesus is found in Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Read it again…Now what does this mean? God has a Kingdom. There is a spiritual government over the world. Within the system of His government, there are laws and principles eternally set in place that dominate the universe. Abiding under the laws of the universe determines our righteousness and ability to receive all things that life has to offer. Justice, not injustice is the soul and substance of life. Many people blame God or blame people for their plight. They complain and grumble and make excuses about not having more or not having enough. They blame life for life, but life is balanced by the scales of justice! God is just and the laws and principles of the universe are absolutely JUST, never unfair. It can’t give good for evil and evil for good. Therefore no matter how bad of an injustice has happened to you, if you stay on the path of justice and not allow negative thoughts to blossom in your soul, justice will in due time repay and reward you. Jesus revealed to us that it is man’s highest responsibility and priority in life to seek the Kingdom principles that govern life, abide by them and teach others to do the same! When we operate according to the great Laws, we will find everything we need in life come to us effortlessly and supernaturally!

Wouldn’t you like to know these BIG ideas that govern the universe? The secrets to happiness, financial prosperity, love, peace, health and success? It is all based on your faithfulness to living according to God’s BIG IDEAS revealed in the Bible. Are you crazy enough to believe that old book called the Bible? Are you radical enough to rebel against the status quo and put the ancient secrets to the test? My next 21 daily posts will highlight these laws, which by the way are taught in seminars and workshops all over the world by various thought leaders and speakers. They may call these principles different names but the bottom line is that these laws WORK when you put them to work, in ANY area of your life.  Sign the mailing list and stay tuned! These secrets will REVOLUTIONIZEyour life. Build your Jesus Mind and discover a life of abundance! 


One thought on “The Big Idea

  1. I don’t even understand how I ended up here, but I thought this submit used to be great. I don’t recognize who you are but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!

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