Get to know TED

We live in “the century of idea diffusion”. In other words, ideas are spreading. Ideas are changing the world. Existing systems are collapsing because of this idea revolution. Within this idea shift, widely accepted ideas are being challenged and redefined. We are currently in a war of ideas. TED is a platform where thought-leaders are coming together to unveil and share new emerging ideas into the world. It is remarkable, and very prophetic for our time. Get to know TED. Be stretched, and learn what’s unfolding. The world is looking for the “Jesus Mind.” The ideas Jesus introduced to the world slowly destroyed the Roman Empire (the greatest of it’s time) and spread throughout the world. Nothing has gone more viral than Jesus’ truth. It’s my belief that those who challenge tradition, receive “new wine” and learn how to re-invent and re-present Christ to the world today by sharing His timeless ideas…They will become the leaders of tomorrow!

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