Let’s Get It Started!

The Jesus Mind website

80,000 new blogs start every day. Here’s another one! Wait…Welcome to my world! Uhhh that’s kinda generic!…I don’t know how to start. Guess I’ll just write. Soooo My first official blog on my debut book!

It took a while for me to drag my way into the blogging world but if you knew me like my wife, you would’ve made one for me a long time ago, cuz I got a lot to say and so few ears to hear it. (Her ears are not enough) Thus this page. So, what do you know about Vernel Samuel..Jay-R to many, annoying to my wife lol and a weirdo to the outsider? Well, you probably know I just wrote a book which is how you got here. So I can now add author to my biography. You also probably know that I’m a Jesus Freak (for good reasons of course). You probably know I lead a Church movement called Hungry 4 God and a social movement called Hungry 4 Change. And depending on how long you knew me, know that I was almost a muslim! So yeah, there’s much to discover and I’m excited to begin this journey with you. This blog is related to “The Jesus Mind,” my debut book.

This blog will also include stuff about me, my God, my world and a bunch of nothing that may inspire you to do a bunch of nothing until you find the “something” you can’t live without doing! In a few months, I’m going to launch my OFFICIAL BLOG that will be directly related to me of course, my Church (YES CHURCH, launching in September! ), insight on what I believe is emerging from God’s Heart for His people, my family and an occasional bit of rambling through ideas I am trying to bring to fruition. It’ll be fun for me and entertaining to you. Stay tuned for that!

So yea, The Jesus Mind, my first book! First but definitely not the last. I can honestly say it was very hard to complete, and it’s not even complete! It’s an incomplete book because it would have been too much for one book, so I decided to put it into volumes. However it will be anything less than life changing. Many who have read it already told me how it’s changing their entire outlook towards life, faith and God…in a good way (I hope). My blogs will help walk you through the deep thoughts I share in there along with access to my personal revelation pertaining to Jesus. So if you love Jesus like me or want to learn more about the Jesus the world hates to love join me. I’ll be updating weekly so visit frequently. 80,000 new blogs are created daily…You can’t read um all. BOOKMARK ME, stay connected. I’ll make sure you have a reason to stay interested.