What is The Jesus Mind?

The Jesus Mind
I hope you are highly considering downloading my FIRST of MANY e-books. Not because I wrote it, but because…uh… yea I wrote it. lol But more importantly because it’s a really cool book. A bit challenging, but I guarantee you will walk away with something that will renew your mind and take your faith in God to another level. What do I mean by having a Jesus Mind?…Let’s start with what it’s not about. It’s not about having a Holier-than-thou mind. It’s not about having a judgmental, critical or self-righteous mind towards yourself and the people around you. The Jesus Mind is the mindset and the belief system of Jesus. Jesus was humble. He was full of compassion towards injustice. He loved people unconditionally.
How do we know what Jesus thinks? Well the historical accounts recorded in the Gospels and the New Testament writings reveal to us a wealth of insight into His thought life. For example in Luke 6:37, He stated “Don’t judge and you will not be judged; and don’t condemn and you will not be condemned.” He didn’t judge people. Or in Mark 2:15-17, the religious leaders called Jesus “a friend of sinners” because he had dinner with them when He was invited. Religious people think being Holy is boring. Jesus thought otherwise.
You see, the thoughts of an individual can be discerned by two elements
What you say and what you do are all inspired by what you think.
Many people have a distorted view of Jesus because people who say they follow or know Jesus look differently than the scriptures reveal about Him. My hope is to change that and inspire you to do the same. The thrust of my book is in teaching you not so much WHAT to think but more so HOW to think. I believe religion forces us to think a certain way and doesn’t encourage free-thinking in an attempt to control speech and behavior. But if you can’t be free to think, how can you ever be free?
The Jesus mind is not only about Jesus. It’s about you. It is about believing you are everything God says you are. God wants you to see yourself as Christ sees Himself. God created a new identity for you. It’s in Christ. Discovering who you are in Christ is the journey of every believer. Who God says we are is the start. Believing it is the 2nd part and finally what we believe we will eventually live. However what He says about us can sound too good to be true or too hard to believe. This is what the Jesus mind is all about. Jesus and God’s unconditional love for you.

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